Services Houben Mobility Management

From modular to integrated customized mobility management

The services of Houben Mobility Management are always based on the four P's of CSR: planet, people, profit and pleasure. The strength of your company is our foundation for your tailor made sustainable mobility management.

New policy of mobility management

You can enable Houben Mobility Management to develop a completely new policy on fleet management and mobility management as well as the implementation of it. Alternatively you can use our expertise to optimize or renew any part of your mobility. Think about:

 greening fleets
• fleet analysis (mobility scan)
 transport management
 strategic fleet management
 fleet device
 parking policy
 awareness initiative slim travel-smart-work principle
 providing other transport solutions (e.g. NS business card)
 (re) writing of textbooks and car arrangements.

Expertise fleet and mobility management

Obviously we want to get to know your business well before we begin. Also we like to involve all stakeholders before we give good, objective advice. Our added value lies in combining the power of your organization with our expertise in the field of sustainable fleet management and mobility management. In addition, you can be assured that we always negotiate and work with fully independent mobility providers that fit your organization.

Outsourcing fleet

Your complete fleet outsourcing to Houben Mobility Management is also among the possibilities. We will take all operational tasks and serve you with periodic advice on a tactical and strategic level. Management takes place in our own office. During office hours, we are of course constantly reachable for drivers, customers and suppliers. For a free consultation contact us.

Assigning experienced mobility manager

If required Houben Mobility Management can assign an experienced mobility manager for your fleet management at your location. The assigned mobility manager hereby adopts a hands-on mentality and ensures that you can continue on your own and on the same path after the mission.Would you like to learn more about these services? For a free consultation contact us.

Houben Mobility Management is a part of Houben Consultancy in Company.