Organization of Mobility Management

Strengthen competitiveness with sustainable mobility solutions

There is still little attention paid to cost concerning fleet management. According to Houben Mobility Management, there is thus much to be gained from the manner in which mobility and accessibility to businesses is organized.

Duurzaam Mobiliteitsmanagement Nissan Leaf

Sustainable mobility solutions

Mobility Management simply tracks down bottlenecks and provides and implements sustainable solutions. Making profit in Mobility has different facets:

 smart procurement and management of transport
strict parking policy
influencing travel behavior of employees
offering various transport solutions  promoting teleworking, flextime and carsharing

Into all of the above aspects of which mobility is built, lays a solid foundation for:

• better accessibility
less harmful emissions
fewer parking problems
increased productivity
strengthening competitiveness

Mobility and confidence

Therefore Mobility Management provides not only improved accessibility, but also reduces transport costs. And the growing confidence of your employees through your involvement in their mobility and transport solutions arranged by you, is perhaps the greatest gain.